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  • Boost cognitive performance
  • Improve immunity
  • Improve sleep

Unearth Nature's Potent Elixirs

Dive into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern science.

Our curated collection of functional mushrooms offers holistic health enthusiasts,
cognitive seekers, and wellness warriors the key to unlocking nature's most potent remedies.

From boosting immunity and energy to championing neuronal health and resilience against stress, every mushroom tells a story of balance, vitality, and nourishment.

Embrace a journey to holistic well-being, one mushroom at a time.

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This is some good stuff!

I love this product and I'm def ordering more!


5 stars

The shipping was fast, neatly packaged and I do feel the first signs of positive effects.


As advertised

I love the fact that there's no obscure ingredients. Everything is clean, real and organic.


It works

I'm ordering again!

John Doe
  • Cognitive performance

    Lion's Mane

    The sole natural cognitive booster known to repair nerve injuries and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Energy


    A natural solution demonstrated to combat exhaustion, resulting in
    heightened alertness, sharper mental clarity, and diminished weariness.

  • Antioxidant


    A powerful natural antioxidant recognized for its anti-inflammatory benefits and ability to enhance immunity.

Fruiting Bodies vs Mycelium

The visible, above-ground portion of a mushroom is known as the fruiting
body, while the mycelium constitutes its root system.
We prioritize using 100% fruiting bodies in our products, ensuring a focus on the most
potent and beneficial part of the mushroom.

Fruiting Bodies
No Grain Fillers
Verified levels of beta-glucans
Maximum Bioavailability

Discover the science of functional mushrooms and delve into the
unexpected benefits of fungi that might elevate your overall well-being.

But why mushrooms?

Adaptogenic mushrooms support your body’s natural resistance to adverse influences. They are safe and they have a balancing effect between your brain and hormone system.

100% ORGANIC All ingredients are certified-organic and non-GMO.
HOLISTIC APPROACH Our supplements aim to fix the cause not the sympthoms.
NO FILLERS Our mushroom supplements stand out in the market, as they exclusively use 100% fruiting bodies. They are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring purity and quality without any fillers or grains.
The science behind mushrooms

A fraction of the caffeine, double the effect.

A mushroom-based coffee with Chaga mushrooms and Lion's Mane.

Try The Mushroom Blend

Mental clarity. Energy & Focus.

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